Invites are useful for the following scenarios:

  • Invite someone to signup to your app or website.
  • Invite someone on behalf of one of your user's, e.g. to track and reward when one of your users successfully invites their friends to join your app.
  • Custom scenarios, such as securely inviting a user to access a shared document or join a team, are supported using the invite.extras property, for example by storing a document or team ID.
  "id": "invt_LfbrvhnlUAyM1N",
  "token_raw": "invt_LfbrvhnlUAyM1N-ReHwpMKWj5NIY0pv3x0NcurW",
  "invite_url": "", 
  "app_id": "app_6fa64vtE", 
  "from_user": null, 
  "accepted": false, 
  "expires_secs": 604800, 
  "to_email": "[email protected]", 
  "created": 1476888188.08038, 
  "extras": null, 
  "accepted_user": null, 
  "accepted_date": null


token_raw and invite_url should be handled carefully. Remember, anyone who has access to an invite-url or token can accept the invite.

Note: These properties are only present at the time the invite is created. If you fetch an existing invite later on you won't have access to these properties.