We recommend having emails sent from your own domain (for example [email protected]).

Once you have enabled custom-domain emails, UserKit will be able to make requests to an endpoint on your server to have an email sent from your domain whenever needed. Here are some reasons you should enable custom-domain emails:

  • UserKit emails such as password-reset, registration, invites, will be sent from your own [email protected] email address. By default emails are sent from UserKit's own email address.
  • Email links such as for password-reset and invites can send users to your own domain using the widget_url on your UserKit settings page (for example https://.com/account). Without custom-domain email, links will always send your users to UserKit's own hosted widget page instead.
  • The send-invite feature will be enabled allowing you to send an invite with a single line of code. This feature is only enabled for apps with custom-domain email setup.